Five-year-old plays hide-and-seek and takes the train away

Colorful – Herzogenrath : Five-year-old plays hide-and-seek and takes the train away

A man sits on a bench in front of a regional train at a train station. Photo: Tom Weller/dpa/symbol image (Photo: dpa)

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Herzogenrath (dpa) – That went well again: while playing, a five-year-old hid himself in a train in Herzogenrath near Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia, which then drove off. In Aachen, ten kilometers away, he could then be picked up by his father from the police without prejudice, as the authorities announced on Friday. Accordingly, the child had played hide-and-seek with his siblings in a supermarket while the father was shopping.

In search of a special hiding place, he ran out of the shop to the nearby train station on Thursday and boarded a train that stopped there. Only when this departed did a passenger notice the little passenger and handed him over to the train attendant. He brought the boy to the Federal Police in Aachen, while the father had already called the police. He was relieved to be able to receive his escaped son a little later together with his other children.

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