"His main idea was the peace of the peoples"

Not many people know the work of Karl May as well as law professor Claus Roxin. He recommends that critics who consider the writer a racist read the books properly.


Hans Holzhaider

Books, books, books. Sure – what do you expect in the house of a professor emeritus of criminal law? Claus Roxin, 91 years old, lives with his wife on a quiet side street in Stockdorf im Würmtal. There is hardly a square foot of wall space in his house that is not lined with bookshelves. Legal literature, of course. German literature, from the classics to the romantic to the modern. But a wall of books in his study is reserved for a single author: Karl May . The famous green volumes, first published in 1892 by the Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld publishing house in Freiburg im Breisgau, later, after Karl May’s death in 1912, by the Karl May publishing house in Radebeul near Dresden, and after the war by the Ustad publishing house (from 1960 again Karl-May-Verlag) in Bamberg. The blue, illustrated volumes, the last edition authorized by Karl May himself. The very rare half-leather edition from Fehsenfeld-Verlag. The edition with the pathetic-romantic cover pictures by the artist and Karl May friend Sascha Schneider. Everyone, everyone, is lined up, in almost perfect condition, a veritable antiquarian treasure trove, in Professor Claus Roxin’s study.

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