How bike-friendly is your community?

Cycle paths that are too narrow, no parking space, time-consuming traffic lights, conflicts with other road users – many factors can make cycling unattractive. In order to advance the promotion of bicycles, a number of municipalities are involved in initiatives such as the Radentscheid Freising , which signed a contract with the city of Freising in February to expand the bicycle infrastructure. There will probably also be a state-wide Bavarian cycling decision in spring 2023. While the expansion is progressing in many places, other municipalities are still at the beginning.

In order to find out which communities have catching up to do in which areas and where things are already looking good, the ADFC organizes the bicycle climate test every two years. Until November 30, citizens can rate the bicycle-friendliness of their community in five different categories: cycling and traffic climate, importance of cycling, safety, comfort, infrastructure and cycling network. There are also questions about bicycle-friendliness in the surrounding area. For example, whether it’s easy to get to neighboring towns – after all, cycling shouldn’t just be an urban activity. There are 32 questions in total, which are rated from one to six. In 2020, 230,000 people across Germany took part in the survey.

The bicycle climate test is not only aimed at enthusiastic or frustrated cyclists, but expressly at all citizens, as Michael Stanglmaier from ADFC Freising explains: bicycle promotion “not only has the aim of improving the situation for committed cyclists”, but should Create offers to enable everyone to get around comfortably on two wheels. Hans Pemp from ADFC Freising sees a “satisfaction index” in the bicycle climate test. The survey assesses the previous promotion of cycling in a municipality and makes it possible to align political decisions with the preferences of the citizens. The survey is only considered statistically meaningful if at least 50 people per municipality take part. You can take part either by means of paper questionnaires, which are available from the ADFC and in many bike shops, or online at .

In the 2020 bicycle climate test, Freising only came 302nd out of 415 municipalities of a comparable size in Germany. After all, Moosburg made it to 269th place, Neufahrn to 209th and Hallbergmoos to 169th. At the top of the district, Eching was ranked 159th. So there seems to be big differences between the different municipalities in the district of Freising . At least Freising can pride itself on the fact that a relatively large number of different age groups cycle in the city, with the best grade of 2.4 being given for this. The width of the cycle paths was rated as particularly bad at 5.1.

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