If necessary, trees must be removed

The plans for the old clinic site in Feldafing have been reworked. After it was agreed in the special session in August that a model would be created in order to be able to assess the effects on the neighboring development, the municipal council discussed the plans again on Tuesday. The lantern storeys on three buildings were criticized because of possible shading of the neighboring properties. Lantern floors are superstructures on the roof ridge: They are like a roof on the roof, comparable to a dormer window that is continued over the roof ridge. Mayor Bernhard Sontheim had placed the debate in the non-public part of the meeting, and the committee now generally rejected the lantern projectiles. In addition, the character of the square in the Dr.-Appelhans-Weg area is to be improved. So far, the protection of the old trees has had top priority. The committee has now unanimously decided that if necessary, trees must be removed in order to visually open up the area. Instead, replacement plantings should take place elsewhere.

Clinic site in Feldafing: The former clinic site in Feldafing could be redeveloped, but there should not be "lantern floors".

The former clinic area in Feldafing could be rebuilt, but there shouldn’t be “lantern floors”.

(Photo: C7 GmbH)

The planning has been going on for three years now because the competition winner had canceled. For the planners, however, time is of the essence: construction costs have risen considerably in recent years. In addition, project developer C7 could incur tax losses if construction does not start by 2023 at the latest. In August, the municipal council approved a partial repeal of the existing development plan in order to create a new development plan for this area. But the process is lengthy. In order not to lose any time, the planning is carried out in parallel according to paragraph 34 and details are regulated in an urban development contract. The decision was preceded by numerous meetings with the planners.

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