Land relieves families with lower incomes at daycare

Kiel (dpa / lno) – Families with lower incomes should have to pay fewer daycare fees in Schleswig-Holstein from January 1st. In individual cases it can be up to 232 euros, as Social Affairs Minister Aminata Touré (Greens) said on Friday. However, the relief expires at the end of June. Overall, the coalition expects costs of 15 million euros.

“It needs an application,” said Touré. Families with low and middle incomes should benefit. The income limits at which this aid takes effect to compensate for increased energy prices vary in the municipalities.

Touré calculated that, for example, a couple with two children with a net income of EUR 3,000 would save EUR 125 per month under the government’s plans if the local income limit was EUR 2,500. The government wants to make a further five million euros available to daycare centers to compensate for inflation.

According to the state parents’ association, families with low incomes will benefit from the plans. The relief for medium-sized companies is only unclear, said Kerstin Hinsch, chairwoman of the state parents’ association. “Who supports the families who, possibly just a little, are above the income limit?” It is also not clear why the relief for families is limited until the end of June and why the additional financial support for providers, facilities and day care workers runs until the end of the year.

Sharp criticism came from the opposition. SPD faction leader Thomas Losse-Müller spoke of an oath of disclosure. “Although Minister Touré insisted in the last state parliament session that there was no money to relieve parents, we have known since today that that was simply untrue.” It’s always the same pattern. “The opposition makes a proposal, the government claims that there is no money and after a brief period of shame, they then undertake their own half-baked initiative.” However, the relief is not sufficient. There is also money for the non-contributory basic care.

Green Party leader Anke Erdmann, on the other hand, accused Losse-Müller of not having read the proposal carefully. The state government will not introduce the non-contributory day care center for five hours and all families from January – as demanded by the SPD, said Erdmann. “Instead, families with low and middle incomes are being relieved – for a limited time for the next few months. The SPD may find this factually wrong, but it has absolutely nothing to do with an oath of disclosure and untruth, the allegations are really absurd.”

Criticism also came from the FDP: Touré’s predecessor Heiner Garg (FDP) described the plans as temporary patchwork. “It’s a shame that the daycare minister didn’t take up our fair and much more effective proposal to reduce the contribution cap by at least ten percent a year starting with the current daycare year,” said the member of parliament. The government forgets parents, who are only just above the social regulation and therefore have to continue to bear the full costs. “It’s unfair and drives a wedge into parenthood.”

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