Minister: School types must not be played off against each other

Sindelfingen (dpa / lsw) – Minister of Education Theresa Schopper (Greens) has called for more solidarity between the types of schools. It is not acceptable if the Philologists’ Association (PHV) denies the community school’s right to exist after the most recent education test, she said at the annual conference of the Education and Science Union (GEW) on Friday in Sindelfingen. “That’s not possible,” she added, with a view to the criticism of the organized high school teachers at the “school for everyone”. School types should not be played off against each other.

For this, Schopper received the most applause from the 250 delegates. She will seek talks with the PHV country manager Ralf Scholl. He sees the performance of community students in the so-called Vera 8 comparative work, which uses tests to examine the level of competence of students in a country comparison, as a “complete failure” of the school type. Schopper pointed out the great heterogeneity of the pupils at the community schools, in contrast to the pupils at the grammar schools.

GEW Country Manager Monika Stein agreed with the minister. “It’s unspeakable how the community schools are being beaten up.” In community schools, pupils learn together at the Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium level.

Schopper emphasized that she wanted to decouple social background and educational success. In order to achieve greater educational equity, in future it will be based on an index with socio-economic data. She hopes that this will result in targeted resource management. “But that doesn’t mean that we carry resources from Killesberg in Stuttgart to Hallschlag.”

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