More long nights

It has become difficult to inspire people without some kind of event. It has to have at least the touch of the unique, the exclusive, in order to be noticed. There is no other explanation for the attractive “long nights” in which the public is lured into the museums, concert halls or fire station with special offers. After the long Gröbenzell Music Night, the Brucker Culture Night or any dizzy shopping night, the volunteer fire brigades are now inviting us to their long night this weekend.

The Maisach fire brigade, for example, will show at 5 p.m. what they are equipped with and how long the ladder of their newest vehicle with the call number “Maisach 30/1” is. The volunteers will approach this unique event not only in Maisach with a certain pride and ambition. On the one hand, they can show what excellent shape they are in and where all the money from the municipal budget is invested. With all the fun that the firefighters have both during their exercises and when celebrating together during the year, it must not be forgotten that firefighters often go on dangerous and mostly stressful missions. They are not compensated for this with money, but with the good feeling of doing something together for the community. During the long night, the fire brigades are also likely to convey this, as they are constantly looking for volunteers to join them.

Other sectors could certainly learn from art, music and the fire brigade. Because skilled workers are needed everywhere, with or without pay. The list of long nights not yet organized is certainly long. So here are a few suggestions: the long night in the bakery with event baking, the long night in the nursing home, the long night at the traditional costume association or the long night in the building yard, preferably in winter and in a snow plough. Any ideas?

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