Movement in the dispute over "language daycare centers" – Paul wants a solution

Berlin/ Düsseldorf (dpa/lnw) – There are signs of movement in the dispute over the continuation of the “Language Daycare” program beyond the end of the year. Several federal states have signaled that they want to continue the program. Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) called on the federal states on Friday in the “ARD-Mittagsmagazin” to sit down with the federal government “at very, very short notice”. “I would say that in the next four weeks – that’s the time we might have together – the whole story one”.

She confirmed her willingness to provide transitional funding once federal funding for the program is due to end at the end of the year. To do this, however, they need the assurance of the federal states that they will then take over the “language daycare centers” in the standard funding – i.e. that they will pay for the costs themselves in the future.

Just like colleagues from other federal states, North Rhine-Westphalia’s family ministries Josefine Paul (Greens) told the “Welt” that they are working flat out on a joint solution between the federal and state governments and are in concrete talks with the federal government to cushion a possible transition and the To quickly give skilled workers prospects.

After a meeting of the family committee in the Düsseldorf state parliament last week, the SPD opposition accused Paul of not having a plan for how the language daycare centers would continue if the federal government did not continue funding. After all, about every eighth facility in NRW is a language day-care center – with a total of more than 1400 specialists funded by the federal program.

Since 2016, the federal government has been funding additional staff at daycare centers for language development through the “Language Daycare Centers” program, especially at facilities with many children who need language support. From next year, according to the will of the federal government , the federal states should take over the funding themselves, since daycare centers are a matter for the federal states. But there has been resistance to this for weeks.

Paus argues that the federal states will receive four billion euros for staff and quality in the daycare centers over the next two years via the so-called “Daycare Center Quality Act”. This money can also be used for language training. However, because it will not be available immediately at the turn of the year, she recently promised transitional funding from the federal government so that the employees of the “language daycare centers” can continue to work.

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