News on September 23, 2022

All about the war in Ukraine

Sham referendums in Ukraine: can that be valid? The population of the occupied Ukrainian territories should vote on joining the Russian Federation. The votes are believed to be rigged. Answers to the most important questions. To the article (SZ Plus)

The deserter dilemma. In Germany, politicians are calling for unbureaucratic protection to be offered to conscientious objectors from Russia. But security risks speak against it – and the resistance of some EU countries. Go to Article

Myanmar, “one more friend” for Russia. The regime in Myanmar is largely isolated internationally, but China has always been a good friend. Now the junta is also orienting itself towards Moscow – and praises Putin as a “leader in the world”. Go to Article

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Writer Hilary Mantel has died. Her bestsellers “Wolves” and “Falcons” were both awarded the highest British literary prize. The world-renowned author has died at the age of 70. To the obituary (SZ Plus)

For the climate on the road. Tens of thousands of people follow Fridays for Future’s call for a global climate strike. The day in pictures. Go to Article

Lack of chips everywhere. Semiconductors are currently missing worldwide and for almost every purpose. They are installed in cars, washing machines, computers. Go to Article

Hansi Flick is looking for the middle of the attack. Storm problem zone: Before the game against Hungary, there is a discussion about who should score the German goals at the World Cup. The national coach praises Timo Werner – but he should call surprise guests for Qatar. Go to Article

Six months starting ban for dressage rider. The hopes for a quick comeback by Olympic champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl after the birth of her daughter have been dashed: the world association insists on the maternity leave rule – the active people find it unfair. Go to Article

Which was also important

This has interested many readers today

Why inflation is getting worse. Millions of citizens have no idea that according to forecasts, prices will rise even more in 2023. Normal families face gas bills of up to 6,000 euros. What does that mean for society? Go to Article

Search at an altitude of 2400 meters: mountain drama without end. Since Saturday, emergency services have been looking for a 24-year-old who died at Hochkalter. The mission will be canceled on Thursday, it became too dangerous for the helpers. Even a very last locating signal does not lead to the missing person. Go to Article

Fitness in old age: a question of genes? Or the habit? Old and frail – or still agile and fit at 80? How to manage to do sports even as a senior and maintain or even increase your performance. Go to Article

Last but not least

Wiesn outfit: “Men only wear short leather pants”. Oktoberfest means high season for traditional costume shops like Andrea and Peter Seeböck’s: About their current best sellers – and what Oktoberfest-goers should no longer wear. Go to Article

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