Old stoves can smoke again

If you have a house with gas heating, you can put a wood stove back into operation that actually had to be shut down. The Dachau district office allowed this by means of a general decree, but you have to report such a case there. Also, usage is limited until August 31, 2023.

“Possible energy savings are currently being identified and implemented in all areas,” explains District Administrator Stefan Löwl (CSU). “We are currently preparing comprehensively for the coming winter. If gas should become scarce, we must take precautions and save gas now.” With the general decree, gas heaters could now remain switched off longer or be operated at a lower output, should a corresponding wood stove be available, Löwl continued.

In the past, wood firing systems had to be taken out of operation if they no longer complied with the limit values for fine dust. In 2014, owners had the opportunity to submit a declaration to the chimney sweep. In it, they undertook not to use the oven unless there were emergencies. Even then, the emergency situation was defined as a possible power failure or catastrophe. If you now want to put your oven back into operation, you must also present this declaration from 2014 to the district office.

The exemption currently only applies to said cases in which gas can be saved. In all other cases, i.e. if the heaters are operated with oil or district heating, the wood stoves should only be used if these heaters fail.

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