"Putin, leave this world alone!"

At the beginning there is a strange noise, reminiscent of a circling helicopter. But soon the drums kick in, followed by guitar chords that immediately make the famous musical reminiscence clear: Pink Floyd , “Another Brick in the Wall”. And later, another well-known song will be added, namely “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor . But the whole thing is by no means just a tribute to the rock heroes, not just a gimmick, but an independent concoction with a message: a protest song against Russia, against the war in Ukraine. Sung in English and Russian.

The song was written and recorded by two musicians from the district: “Wild Willy Westbahn”, aka Willy Mertl from Grafing , and Peter Kuhn, “der Kühne”, from Zorneding. They call this project “The wall against the war” and it started with a text idea by Kuhn. He wrote about the Pink Floyd classic: “we don’t need your propaganda / we don’t need your bloody war / no dark sarcasm in the Kremlin /Putin, leave this world alone!” The band’s management left an inquiry unanswered, says Kuhn – and Westbahn explains that in its industry this is equivalent to approval.

The song is intended to show that not all Russians agree with the war against their neighbors

So the two guitarists got to work – and immediately had another idea: what if the lyrics had not only an English part, but also a Russian part?! Because that would show “that not all Russians agree with what is happening right now.” In addition, Kuhn explains, the song is also intended for the people of Ukraine, many of whom understand the language of the neighboring country. “In this way we can show them that they are not alone!”, says Westbahn.

So it’s a good thing that Grafinger knows a Russian who was willing to take part in the song. Now fiddles, or rather he sings the opinion of the Kremlin chief: “We’re fed up with the propaganda / stop the lies / stop the war, damn it / Putin! Go away! / Hey Putin, get out!” However, such a commitment to the family at home can have bad consequences, which is why the Russian singer remains anonymous. Kuhn and Westbahn call him “Marc Question?”, his singing was distorted and double-recorded to thwart any digital voice recognition.

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