Quarrel in the executive floor

A bang at the fire brigade: The Starnberg District Fire Councilor Peter Bauch surprisingly announced his resignation on Friday. Since taking office in May 2018, he has been “constantly held responsible for issues” for which he is not responsible but has to justify himself, explained the fire chief. In his message, he referred to what he believed to be the lack of support from the district fire inspection. This means, among other things, the alarm planning and vehicle procurement, which were initially criticized by individual commanders in the Starnberg district . However, these problems have been solved and he felt the support of at least the commanders in the Fünfseenland: Working with them was “uncomplicated”, emphasized the 58-year-old Kraillinger, who will continue to head the fire protection department in the Starnberg district office.

It apparently “smoked” considerably more in disputes in the district fire inspection: In the management committee, several members are said to have been dissatisfied with the work of their boss and complained about a lack of transparency. According to reports, an external couch should even mend the cracks in the 16-strong executive committee. But a common denominator was not found. Bauch rejects allegations: he regularly informed the district inspection about official processes and plans, but was insufficiently supported by some places and “was massively hindered in the execution of the honorary office as district fire councilor,” complains Bauch. He believes that a good half of the panel worked against him. That also puts a strain on his health and his private life: he was “always at the limit”.

District Administrator Frey attributes the disputes in the district fire inspection to a lack of communication

The Starnberg fire brigade commander Markus Grasl finds the resignation, which also surprised him on Friday, extremely regrettable. The cooperation with Bauch has always been very good, open issues such as the alarm plan and allocation of vehicles have been dealt with and ticked off with satisfaction for a year, reported Grasl.

District Administrator Stefan Frey (CSU) also regrets the withdrawal of Bauch, but his step must be accepted. He had heard that there had been tensions in the district fire inspection for a long time and that communication was probably not right. It is now up to Frey to propose a new district fire council, which will then be elected by the 44 commanders in the district. Until then, Helmut Schweickart will temporarily take over his duties as Bauch’s deputy.

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