Refugees stay in containers

In the long term, the containers for refugees near the Vierkirchner building yard are to be replaced by a building made of wooden piles. However, the Vierkirchner building committee recently voted to extend the building permit for the container facility until the end of 2025. Around 50 refugees can be accommodated in the accommodation.

There is already a location for the new refugee accommodation near Hortstraße in the Vierkirchner district of Pasenbach, but a couple who live in the neighborhood complained about it. They feared noise, odors and garbage problems. At the end of July, the administrative court rejected her claim. So far, the written reasons for the judgment are not yet available, explains the Dachau district office. After that, the plaintiffs would have one month to appeal. “Construction of the accommodation is therefore no longer to be expected this year,” the district office announced.

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