Saving electricity at the Brauneck

In Lenggries , as in many communities at the moment, the street lighting is to be converted to LED. That would not only save energy, but also costs: Current consumption of just under 121,000 kilowatt hours per year would be halved to 62,000. With the result that the annual electricity costs, even with an increase from the current 20 cents to 45 cents per kilowatt hour, would be reduced by around 26,000 euros. The plan was uncontroversial in the council.

There are 900 “fireplaces” in the municipal area, 877 are owned by Bayernwerk AG. 539 have already been converted to LED, and another 317 would be possible. The conversion, for which there are various technical options, would cost around 115,000 euros net. Funding is also possible, for example from state funds and an EU subsidy fund. The approval of the funding applications usually takes quite a long time, said Mayor Stefan Klaffenbacher (FWG) recently in the municipal council. Municipalities should only order the new lights once a funding commitment has been made.

The implementation required three to six months, explained Alexander Usselmann from Bayernwerke, who presented three different variants. The aim is to illuminate streets in a targeted manner and to avoid light emissions from long-range emissions as far as possible.

Time is money: Since the beginning of the year, the prices for light bulbs have increased by 20 to 35 percent, Usselmann said. In addition, there are rising electricity prices. “Waiting a year costs us 62,000 euros,” calculated Andreas Wohlmuth (FWG). Mayor Klaffenbacher also pushed the pace: “I’m now so far that I would make the change without funding,” he said. That is bitter, “but if it pays for itself through energy savings, it makes sense to do it quickly.” Street lighting is the fourth largest consumer of electricity in the municipality. His proposal to now quickly work out the order, to determine funding opportunities and to submit them to the municipal council for approval at the latest in the November meeting was unanimously accepted.

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