Still no solution for oil via Poland for PCK refinery

Schwedt (dpa / bb) – There is still no solution in the negotiations with Poland about oil deliveries to the PCK refinery in Schwedt. There is no new status, reported the mayor of Schwedt, Annekathrin Hoppe (SPD), on Friday after a meeting of the task force on the future of the plant. The federal government has the task of continuing to work intensively to get additional quantities of oil via Gdansk from January. “That would be very important for Schwedt.”

A week ago, the federal government announced drastic cuts for PCK: the majority owners – two German subsidiaries of the Russian state-owned company Rosneft – were put under trusteeship by the Federal Network Agency. The background is the oil embargo against Russia, which will take effect on January 1st. Up until now, PCK has obtained Russian oil via the “Druzhba” pipeline. Alternatives are now needed.

In addition to tanker oil from the port of Rostock, which could cover 50 to 60 percent of the demand in the PCK, the federal government wants to obtain additional quantities via the Polish port of Gdansk. The Polish government had made it clear that it did not want to do business with Rosneft. Poland is reportedly pushing for an expropriation rather than an escrow solution for Rosneft. The left-wing politician Klaus Ernst warned that the “protest from Poland” shows that the continued operation in Schwedt is by no means certain. However, when asked, the Federal Ministry of Economics stated that the Polish government had reacted positively to the trust solution.

Schwedt’s mayor Hoppe said that the task force meeting was informed in detail about the trust solution and the future plan for the region. From their point of view it is particularly important that the city of Schwedt is involved in the planning of the planned special program “Improvement of the regional economic structure”. Among other things, this is intended to promote commercial investments and regional infrastructure in order to keep the location attractive.

Overall, the mood in Schwedt has improved slightly, said Hoppe. “People recognize the efforts of the federal government.” The same applies to financial support. This would give young people in Schwedt prospects for the future.

The PCK works council called for jobs not only to be secured in the refinery, but also at partner companies in the region. “The federal and state governments must also take a look at these jobs with the future package,” explained Simona Schadow, Chair of the Works Council. The collective bargaining agreement for the east of the chemical industry must continue to apply. The employees see the commitments for investments as a tangible basis for the continued operation of the refinery and the development of the site.

According to the federal government, 825 million euros are to be invested in the Uckermark district and in the PCK refinery within 15 years. The federal government is to bear 77 percent of this. In addition, there would be further measures to secure jobs and wages at the PCK refinery site.

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