Suspected anti-queer attack on "Dippemess"

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – During this year’s Frankfurt “Dippemess” there was a presumably anti-queer attack. According to current investigations, the crime took place between September 9th and 10th, as the police announced on Friday.

A witness reported to the police on Thursday with videos of the crime. A youth was seen punching another person in the face with his fist. The victim fell to the ground as a result of the blow. In addition, the victim is said to have been insulted in a queer hostile manner. Non-heterosexual people or people who do not identify with the traditional role model of men and women or other social norms relating to gender and sexuality describe themselves as queer.

According to the information, bystanders filmed the events with their smartphones.

A 14-year-old had already been identified as a suspect, the police reported. He is now being investigated for dangerous bodily harm and insult. Investigations to identify the victim and the background to the crime are ongoing. The state security of the Frankfurt criminal police is responsible.

The “Dippemess” is the largest and oldest public festival in Frankfurt.

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