Teachers get paid more for overtime

Hanover (dpa / lni) – In Lower Saxony, teachers who decide to take more lessons will in future receive more money for the additional hours. As of October 1, the amount for overtime will be increased by 15 percent. Depending on the type of school, there are then between 23.93 euros and 41.12 euros per additional hour. That was decided by the state parliament in Hanover on Friday.

In addition, retired teachers will be able to teach more without the additional income being deducted from their pension payments. On average, they should be able to teach nine to ten hours a week from October 1st without any cuts in supply.

“We are sending the clear signal that teaching is worthwhile, also for the purse,” said Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne about the decisions. The SPD politician emphasized that every lesson counts for the students.

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