The thieves in sight


Stefan Salger , Furstenfeldbruck

Who wants to look like the average Joe? Eugen Banhierl wants that. He doesn’t stand out from the mass of customers. And he doesn’t want that either. Dark trousers, a plaid shirt, a cardigan over it, gray hair slicked back. It doesn’t get any more normal than that. For Banhierl, this is part of the business model. He’s a department store detective. No matter how inconspicuously he stands in front of the liquor shelf, like on this day in the Amper shopping center in downtown Fürstenfeldbruck. He usually recognizes a potential long finder out of the corner of his eye from a distance. Because shoplifters often fail to appear like the average Joe. They look around, literally circle the goods they’re after, unzip their jackets or just stand around conspicuously inconspicuously. Banhierl knows his Pappenheimer. Many even personally, because the 70-year-old is not the first to catch them.

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