Third win with the same numbers – now 1.3 million euros

Munich (dpa) – A lottery player from Lower Franconia won around 1.3 million euros in the lottery . “This is the third time I’ve won Lotto 6 out of 49 with these numbers,” said the man, who has been wanted since the draw on September 3, according to a statement by Lotto Bayern on Friday.

The numbers 3, 6, 36, 39, 43 and 49 had brought him luck twice before – and brought him five correct numbers. From the first profit in 1989 – at that time around 9000 marks – he and his wife made their wedding including honeymoon, as the 66-year-old reported. Four years later he won around 4000 marks. Now, the third time, his account balance increases by exactly 1,301,652.10 euros.

With the renewed windfall, the couple will take it easy. “We’re staying down to earth. We like to eat and cook well and can now afford more. A new television would be nice and next year maybe an automatic car,” says the ailing winner. “I can’t buy my health, but I can make everyday life a bit easier and more beautiful.”

The lucky numbers are still on the couple’s ticket, which they want to take to the acceptance point with “their numbers”. “We treat ourselves to the weekly joy.”

The odds of getting six correct numbers are 1 in 16 million. The probability of also guessing the super number correctly is 1 in 140 million.

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