Thousands of people protest in climate strike in the north

Kiel (dpa/lno) – During the global climate strike on Friday, several thousand people also took to the streets in Schleswig-Holstein for more climate protection. In Kiel alone, around 2,000 people demonstrated under the motto “Water under the keel, instead of Kiel under water”, according to the police, the organizers Fridays for Future spoke of 2,900 participants. In addition to musical accompaniment, there were several speeches by activists.

This included poetry slammer Mona Harry with a poetic objection to reporting on the demonstrations. The media would only refer to unimportant side issues and ignore the seriousness of the situation. After all, it was “about the relevance of the concern” of climate protectionists and not about the actions of the individual, said Harry.

The demonstration started and ended near the Landeshaus an der Förde with rallies. The strike was accompanied by paddle boats on the fjord. With a view to the war in Ukraine, posters read: “Turn down the heating, annoy Putin!” According to the initiative, the demonstration was primarily about the impending rise in sea levels. Coastal regions such as Schleswig-Holstein are particularly affected. “The federal government is turning back the progress we have made, such as the coal phase-out,” said the Kiel climate activist Gunde Kaiser.

According to organizers, 1,500 people took part in the global climate strike in Lübeck. The police, on the other hand, spoke of 800 participants. “We are urging politicians to phase out fossil fuels and shape the energy transition in a socially responsible manner,” said Fridays for Future Lübeck spokeswoman Katharina Kewitz. In order for the announcements to finally be followed by action, pressure must continue to be exerted on those in government.

The main goal of the activists is the climate neutrality of Schleswig-Holstein by 2035. To do this, they are calling for the expansion of climate-neutral rail connections and wind energy. The Greens in the state parliament supported “the demand for a 100 billion euro special fund for climate protection,” said climate politician Nelly Waldeck (Greens).

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