Wallenfels abuse allegations older than expected

Wallenfels (dpa / lby) – The first allegations of abuse against a long-time pastor of the Upper Franconian community of Wallenfels are much older than initially thought. After reviewing archive and personnel documents, it was found “that allegations of abuse” against the Catholic pastor were on record as early as 1963, the Archdiocese of Bamberg announced on Friday.

On Wednesday, the Archdiocese asked those affected to get in touch. There are serious indications of cases of sexual abuse by the pastor between 1970 and 1995. The pastor died in 2005, so that criminal investigations are no longer possible, the archdiocese wrote. Initially, it was assumed that there were first allegations of abuse in the community in the district of Kronach after his death in 2006.

According to the announcement, Archbishop Ludwig Schick asked those affected for forgiveness and acknowledged a failure of the diocese leadership. Victims were asked to report again. So far, one person has done this, said the spokesman for the archdiocese. Next week we want to express ourselves in more detail.

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