"We don't want to harm people or nature"

Robert Scholz has to swallow the bitter pill. The FW district council and chairman of the Freising landscape conservation association is a declared opponent of wind turbines. He perceives them as foreign bodies in the landscape. But the federal government has effectively taken the reins of action out of the hands of the municipalities. In order to advance the energy transition, municipalities must identify more locations for wind turbines. If they don’t do it voluntarily, a higher authority will do it for them. The district office would like to help the municipalities in the selection of potential sites. It has commissioned a rough analysis, which should be available by the end of November. The district office will then carry out a detailed assessment of the location and also offers expert discussions to support the decision professionally. The planning committee of the district council approved the administration’s proposal on Thursday by a majority.

Scholz basically sees the point in building more wind turbines. But he sees himself being blackmailed by the federal government into having to put such “monsters” in the landscape. He also harbors doubts as to whether the federal government’s actions are unconstitutional. It restricts the right of self-determination of the municipalities.

“This is absolute support from the mayor,” praises Georg Krojer

Michael Albuschat (AfD) would prefer to rely on modern nuclear power plants for the energy transition. Striving to build more wind turbines is a green ideology, the consequences of which ultimately have to be paid for by the citizens.

Georg Krojer (FW), on the other hand, is convinced of the administration’s proposal. “This is absolute support for the mayors,” he said. After all, they would have to “stand in front of the people” when discussing the construction of wind turbines. Krojer is convinced that the wind turbines are only an interim solution. In maybe 30 years there will be different technologies for generating energy than today.

Susanne Hoyer understands the fears of the citizens

This is how Susanne Hoyer (FW), district councilor and at the same time chairwoman of the municipal council in the district, sees it. “I understand the fears,” she said. Therefore, the communities must be vigilant so that they can have a say in the location of wind turbines. “We don’t want to harm people or nature,” assured Susanne Hoyer. The communities would have to show solidarity with each other and pull together so that the wind turbines would be distributed evenly. There is resistance to the construction of such systems in the population. And the mayors shouldn’t be left to their own devices. Susanne Hoyer called for the infrastructure to be advanced so that the electricity generated from wind turbines and solar systems can then be fed in at all.

Michael Stanglmaier (Greens), whose parliamentary group made the application in May to find possible locations for wind turbines, now sees himself overtaken by the federal government’s decision. The energy transition must be promoted, he demanded. And there, in his opinion, wind energy and solar systems complemented each other.

Michael Stanglmaier wishes the landscape had been given the same attention in other projects

He also wishes that the district councilors had paid as much attention to the landscape when implementing other projects as they did to the wind turbines. As examples he named the bypasses of Freising and Moosburg as well as the many commercial areas. But those who continue to call for the construction of new nuclear power plants, he said to Albuschat, have no idea about physics and energy.

District Administrator Helmut Petz (FW), he stated that he had the impression that the mayors were unanimous in their opinion. They wanted to identify potential areas for wind turbines and not leave this to the planning association. “The municipalities need a decision-making aid,” he campaigned for the application from the administration. You can work through them, but you don’t have to. In the end, only Albuschat voted against the administration’s request.

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