Why parking in the city must be more difficult

Many places were built around motorists. Where are the people who are on foot, by bike or by tram? About the paradoxical dispute about public space.


Claudia Fromme

The asphalt glows in the parking bays in front of the shopping center at Theresienwiese in Munich. It’s early evening and the thermometer still shows 34 degrees on this August day. Yoga teacher Luci asks to make the monkey. Passers-by stop and look amused at the small group, which is only separated from the street by narrow raised beds. So the yogis put one leg forward, the other leg back and raise their clasped hands in the air. A car stops next to the mats. The driver is looking for a parking space and shakes his head, clearly annoyed. Then he revs up the engine and roars away. Luci says, “Phew.”

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