Bolsonaro is stepping up threats in Brazil's election campaign

Divinópolis (dpa) – About a week before the presidential election in Brazil, the right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro sharpened the tone in view of an impending defeat and openly threatened the country’s Supreme Court.

“You know that every day your freedom is threatened more and more by another state authority that is not the executive,” Bolsonaro said at an election rally in Divinópolis on Friday (local time), referring to the Supreme Court, as the Brazilian newspaper ” Folha de S. Paulo” reported. “And we know that we must put an end to this abuse.”

Threats to democratic institutions

Bolsonaro has repeatedly threatened the Supreme Court and other democratic institutions because the court had made decisions against its supporters and was also investigating Bolsonaro, for example, because of fake news. Bolsonaro’s opponent, former Brazilian head of state and left-wing favorite Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, had slightly increased his lead in the polls. The percentage of votes Lula can hope for in the first round of voting on Oct. 2 rose to 47 percent from 45 percent the previous week, according to a poll by polling firm Datafolha on Thursday. Bolsonaro would therefore continue to receive around 33 percent of the votes.

Similar to former US President Donald Trump, “Tropical Trump” Bolsonarao is casting doubt on the electoral system and has already announced that he may not recognize defeat. The mood in the largest country in Latin America is heated. At least two Lula supporters have been killed by suspected Bolsonaro fans in recent months.

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