Elton John performs in the White House garden

Washington (AP) – At the invitation of US President Joe Biden, the British pop star Sir Elton John performed in the garden of the White House.

Under a festive tent roof in front of the government headquarters, the 75-year-old played on a grand piano surrounded by hundreds of invited guests on Friday evening (local time) and sang his famous song “Your Song” to start with. Elton John said at the beginning that he had performed in some beautiful places, but this was “the icing on the cake”.

Bidens want to celebrate “the unifying power of music “.

Biden and his wife Jill hosted the event, according to the White House, to celebrate “the healing and unifying power of music.” “Few things have the power to bring us together like music,” said the First Lady. “She can make us move together on the dance floor, sing along with strangers when we hear a familiar tune. She’s a voice for the feelings we can’t always define.”

Joe Biden gushed that Elton John gave a lot of hope to others in his musical career. “Elton John’s music changed our lives,” said the President, adding to the pop star, “Thank you for moving the soul of our nation.”

According to the White House, there were around 2,000 guests in the audience, including former First Lady Laura Bush, various cabinet members and congressmen, teachers, students, rescue workers, nurses, as well as activists and people who are campaigning against discrimination.

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